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Sign Maintenance Australia are a South Australian based business that specalize in the installation, maintenance and repairs of all illuminated and non-illuminated signs. 

Our team is made up of licensed ‘A’ Class electricians and carpenters who can provide you a completely seamless and stress free approach to any of your projects. 

We undertake start to finish installation, wiring and certification on completion of jobs as well as offering on going repairs, refurbishment and maintenance to existing illuminated and non-illuminated signage.

Here are some of the benefits of sign installation in Adelaide:

  1. Improves visibility: A well-designed and installed sign can help increase a business’s visibility and attract more customers. A sign that is easily visible from the street and provides clear information about the business can be a key factor in attracting new customers.

  2. Enhances brand image: A professional, high-quality sign can help enhance a business’s brand image and make a strong impression on customers. A sign that reflects the style, tone, and values of a business can help build trust and establish the business as a leader in its industry.

  3. Meets regulations: Sign installation experts in Adelaide have the knowledge and experience to ensure that signs meet local regulations, such as size and placement restrictions, as well as building codes and safety requirements.

  4. Saves time and money: Professional sign installation experts have the tools and expertise to install signs quickly and efficiently, saving businesses time and money compared to DIY installations that may not meet standards or regulations.Contact us here for more information


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